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I need anti spam information. If I receive spam, how many will I get?
This is one of the main spam facts you need to know. Arming yourself with information on spam and how mailing lists develop are the first steps to arming yourself with the solution.

Like everyone else, you very likely will, sooner or later, receive spam. How soon this will happen and how many messages youíll get depends on how easy it is for spammers to get your e-mail address. They can do this in several ways: They can scan Usenet postings, they can copy addresses off Web pages, they can search chat rooms and they can gather addresses from mailing lists. They usually donít do any of this by hand; there are numerous programs that will quickly search thousands of messages, chat rooms, and Web sites and collect addresses from them. So, depending on how many spammers get your address, you may only get spammed once every few weeks, or you may get dozens of messages a day.

Now that you have the basic information on spam you need, get the anti spam information to protect yourself from E-mail Sorting Solutions. If you need more spam facts, click here.
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