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Is Internet Spam a Problem?
Yes, the Internet spam problem is one of the biggest problems the Internet faces today.

Computer Internet abuse and spam costs businesses money. You may not realize that every e-mail message has a cost associated with it, but it does. Transporting data across the Internet costs money because access providers must invest in increased transmission and storage capacity as traffic increases. You canít easily identify the cost as you can with mailing a letter, but its there. However, since Internet users generally donít pay more if they transfer more data, spammers can send out millions of messages just as cheaply as they can send one. Everyone who uses the Internet, including you, shares the cost of computer Internet abuse and spam.

Without an Internet spam blocker or Internet spam filter, spam can slow the performance of the Internet. Large volumes of spam have been known to slow down e-mail delivery for hours or even days, and it sometimes even causes some computers on the Internet to crash, further impeding the networkís performance.

For those reasons, itís imperative that you use E-Mail Sorting Solutionís Internet spam blocker and Internet spam filter tools. Contact us today.
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