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 E-Mail Services

Archiving & Discovery

ODDS® delivers a highly specialized regulatory compliance solution or a simplified storage solution for archiving all electronic messages.  This service is offered as a turn-key comprehensive outsourced solution. At the top, the archiving market is the financial services industry on down to the small business community, offering a variety of archiving services and applications. Archiving includes end-to-end support for regulatory and legal electronic discovery, or can be simple storage and search functionality which makes sound business sense to implement.

On the compliance side... implementing and enforcing policy for electronic message archiving and retention is available.  On the litigation support side... all electronic messages are stored on a secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure. Once a message and attachment has been archived, it can easily be searched for and retrieved from our high performance fixed content storage system. We use the CA Message Manager software for these services.

You can brand the service to your own product line name.  The CA Message Manage services must remain branded to CA.

Product Briefs

  ODDS® Premium Spam & Virus Email filtering solutions included in “ALL” archiving products, reducing your cost by archiving only legitimate email.

 ODDS® - Archiving, Compilation of e-Mail archiving and discovery products for the Compliance or Litigation Support markets.

Message Manager Archive™ - Email collection, storage & retrieval solutions. 

Message Manager Discovery™ - Archived email legal search optimizations; multiple export formats, Boolean searches with saved folders and filters.

Message Manager Supervision™ - Enforce compliance workflow & corporate communication policy processes.

Mailbox Management™ - mail storage policy management to lower cost storage platforms and improve email server performance.



Specialized Archiving Email Services

Hosted email for Compliance – outsourced e-mail servers hosting POP3, MS-Exchange, or Lotus Notes with ODDS® Message Manager Archive™, EMC Centera Storage, & Message Manager Discovery™ standard.

Litigation Support- all e-mail is archived for litigation support, Automatically controlled with size of the end-users email box while providing the end-user the ability to retrieve archived mail, allows for the remote recovery of the mail server in the event of a disaster.

eDiscovery – Strategic Solution to finding, preparing, reviewing, formatting and producing the right set of enterprise content for legal departments to use in lawsuits.

Forensic Data Discovery - Capability of recovering data from a variety of archived sources.

Data Conversion - Convert your historical email data. Taking Tapes, Optical Platters or Spinning Disk archives and recover them to new optical media, or spinning disk archives for your location, or host a discoverable archive for you.

Centera Backup & Replication - Offering secondary Centera storage by using the EMC asynchronous data replication software.

Professional Prospecting Services ODDS®   provides our clients with New Business Development Sales Professionals!

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