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E-Mail Sorting Solutions Implements New Image-based SPAM Scanning Technology.
We have known, for some time, that spammers would be employing image-based spam, a hard-to-catch technique to foil anti-spam engines. Generally, scripts are too specific, preventing the system from dynamically adapting to minute changes within the image, or too generic and likely to block legitimate messages, typical of email exchanges between co-workers, friends and family. The problem is further compounded by the fact that spammers often use multiple versions of the same image: altering the content slightly each time, or adding random pixels to the messages to foil signature-based approaches. Our second generation SPAM engine, with its new content analysis layer, can sniff out enough information from the image-based messages without major impact on performance. This technique also enhances our text-based spam catching. Say good-bye to image-based SPAM ---- 5/15/06

E-Mail Sorting Solutions Upgrades to 5th Generation Software.
E-Mail Sorting Solutions is happy to announce that it now running on it latest version of E-mail filtering software. This is our 5th generation of Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and content filtering software and is based on 8+ years of E-mail messaging and filtering technology. We are confident that this upgrade will provide our customers with, even more of, the very best service and E-mail Protection. Not yet a customer? Why not try a risk free 30 day trial and give our new system a try. ---- 2/04/06

News: Phishing attacks on the increase
Phishing attacks are on the rise, with more than one in five PC users receiving at least five phishing emails every day, according to a web poll conducted by security firm Sophos. ---- 2/21/06

News: Spotting, Swatting Sources of Spam
How big of a problem is spam? The 2004 National Technology Readiness Survey estimated that spam costs the United States economy US$21.58 billion per year in lost productivity. ---- 9/1/2005

Information: E-Mail Sorting Solutions releases new website
E-Mail Sorting Solutions releases a new updated version of our website. We hope that the new layout is more appealing to our users and allows them to navigate easily through the site. We have also added some new pages, and we hope you find them informative. If you have any comments or suggestions about our new sight let us know. ---- 4/28/2005 ---- webmaster@emailsorting.com

Information: New user WebQuarantine site now available
E-Mail Sorting Solutions releases a new updated version of our WebQuarantine user area. This is the web site were users can login and see what E-Mail were blocked by our Mail system. The new WebQuarantine area new has a new page where users can view their statistics of how much E-Mail they get and how much of it is SPAM, other new features. To logon to the new site go to https://www.emailsorting.com/login ---- 4/20/2005 ----

News: Battle Over Spam May Veer to Criminal Court
Legal actions to contain e-mail "spam" have been grinding along on the civil side for years, but stalled on the criminal front -- until now. ---- 4/26/2005

News: eBay Redirect Becomes Phishing Tool
A flaw in eBay's server configuration paves the way for spoofing attacks when a specially crafted URL is used to redirect users to a malicious Web site. Read about it here. ---- 3/08/2005

News: Phishing Is Big Business
Electronic fraud has outgrown its roots as a nuisance to become a global threat controlled by an elusive, highly organized underworld. Take a close look at this growing problem. ---- 3/07/2005

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