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Colortone Staging and Rentals runs an Exchange server that was over loaded with SPAM. This is a 36 employee company that receiving over 85,000 E-Mail a day.

E-Mail Sorting Solutions provided the solution that integrated with no loss E-Mail and less than 1% false positives.
Allan Davis, Director of Technology, says; "After a year on an I-Mail scrubber server and multi layer anti-virus protection, E-Mail Sorting Solutions has solved our problems better than we could have ever dreamed!"

At Integrated Network Concepts, we are a company that depends heavily on E-Mail communication. But, our company was being overwhelmed with SPAM. Some of our users, including myself, were getting over a 100 SPAM messages each day! Now, we only get a few each WEEK! What a difference your service has made for us. I would recommend your service, and I have, to any company needing to get control of their E-Mail again. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Wesley Parrott - President

I had spent at least 12 months looking for a spam solution to solve our email problems, but everything was either blocking legitimate emails, or not blocking enough of them to make the software worthwhile. In addition, several packages required they be installed on our Exchange server in order to implement. These solutions significantly delayed our receiving of time sensitive emails, not to mention required a master’s degree in rocket science to integrate. When we were introduced to Email Sorting Solutions, it seemed too good to be true. Spam never reaches our servers, so unnecessary traffic is no longer wasting valuable server resources. We are able to see every email that was blocked in an easy to understand email and have found the configuration to be simple enough that I had almost everyone spam free without false-positives within less than a month. For such a small fee, this software goes above and beyond what any ‘competitor’ I have come across can begin to offer. Thank you for making my job a million times simpler, and of course making me look good!! Without hesitation, I recommend Email Sorting Solutions to everyone, whether they are an immense corporation, or an organization with just several users – it is well worth the money spent…and especially the headaches saved! --- Steven Bull, IT Administrator
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