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ODDS® TMC Hosted Messaging is the comprehensive on-demand solution that takes care of email, web and instant message filtering while providing your organization with hosted email, collaborative Outlook calendars and contacts with secure archiving for one low, per-user price.

ODDS® TMC Global Gateway of redundant servers takes care of your mission critical security, collaboration and mobile synchronization functions, leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

It's Easy to Get started
Our full-featured ODDS® TMC -Hosted Messaging solution replaces the complex and costly endeavor of implementing a complete messaging security with full functionality at your business. You would have to make expensive software purchases or buy more hardware in order to add these services to your infrastructure. With TMC Hosted Messaging, you can deploy our low cost services within minutes and start enjoying enterprise-level features at group prices. Your service includes these great features plus 24/7 technical email and phone support.


TMC Data Sheet

 Email Hosting - We host your email on our powerful network of redundant servers.

Email Filtering - Your email arrives on time but without spam, viruses or other unwanted agents.

Email Archiving - With secure searchable archiving, your email is never lost.

IM and Web Filtering - In addition to our robust email filter, ODDS® TMC -Hosted Messaging includes our instant messaging and Internet filtering. Monitor and filter 100% of your Email, IM and Web traffic to protect your organization.

 IM and Web Archiving - chat logs and web access attempts are kept for review and reporting.

Shared Calendar - No excuses to ever miss a meeting, our shared calendar can be accessed by anyone with a Web browser no matter where they are.

Secure Archiving - Help fulfill regulatory requirements and diminish legal liability with our secure archiving. We archive all your emails according to your retention guidelines. You retrieve them with our easy search interface. Each email user gets 1GB of storage and all share in total GB of storage.

Mobile Synchronization - Employees can easily synchronize their calendars, contacts and email so business processes never get delayed.

MS Outlook Compatible - Outlook compatibility for shared calendar, tasks and contacts.

To contact us and set up a Free 30 Day Trial please call us at 866-660-422 or you can email us odds@emailsorting.com

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